Test Results

Congratulations to our skaters on their successful test days

We are very proud of you!


Skate Kingston High/Low Test Day Thursday August 25,2016

Emily Wemp-Willow

Sanjana Sinha- European

Astrid Zou- Keats, Junior Bronze Elements

Sarah Ryan- Keats

Karisah Johnston- Blues, Senior Silver Skills

Wesley Lockwood- Quickstep, Senior Bronze Elements

Emily Rychlo- Preliminary Elements, Preliminary Program

Emma Aitken- Junior Bronze Program

Abby Fraser- Junior Bronze Program

Jessica Lui- Junior Silver Elements

Tina Chen- Senior Bronze Skills



Skate Kingston Test Day May 30, 31 2016

Tasia Dowling- Dutch waltz

Emma McKenna- Dutch Waltz

Katie McKenna- Dutch Waltz

Ava Plumb- Dutch Waltz

Hilary Sun- Dutch Waltz

Mackenzie Lockett-Hiemstra- Dutch Waltz

Thomas Babcock- Baby Blues

Abby Huffman- Baby Blues

Lucy Zhang- Fiesta

Charley Weir- Fiesta, Preliminary Elements

Emily Wemp- Fiesta, Preliminary Elements, Preliminary Freeskate

Chloe Dingman- Willow, Preliminary Elements, Preliminary Freeskate

Rebecca Frawley- Fourteenstep

Abby Fraser- European, Junior Bronze Elements

Asrid Zou- European

Sarah Ryan- European

Grace Tabor- Preliminary Freeskate

Jessie Ball- Preliminary Skills, Willow

Janelle Johnston- Preliminary Skills, Fiesta, Preliminary Elements

Emily Rychlo- Preliminary Skills, Willow

Emma Aitken- Junior Bronze Skills, Fourteenstep

Olivia Milton- Junior Bronze Skills

Sanjana Sinha- Senior Bronze Skills, Fourteenstep

Ruby Spencer- Senior Bronze Skills, Keates, Rocker

Anne St.Aubin- Senior Bronze Skills, Junior Bronze Freeskate

Ellie Michaud- Junior Bronze Elements, American

Andy Chen- Junior Bronze Elements

Tina Chen- Keates

Lily Dingman- American, Junior Silver Skills

Caitlan Parks- Junior Bronze Freeskate, Rocker

Kylie Richardson- Junior Bronze Elements, Junior Bronze Freeskate, Harris

Emma Hamilton- Junior Bronze Elements, Junior Bronze Freeskate, Rocker

Charlie Vandervliet- Junior Bronze Elements, Junior Bronze Freeskate

Donna Gao- Senior Bronze Elements, Gold Skills

Leah Bennett- Paso, Starlight

Wesley Lockwood- Killian, Senior Silver Skills

Rebecca Jansen- Gold Skills

Jessica Lui- Gold Skills


Norwood Skating Club Test Day- April 2,2016

Donna Gao- Viennese, Westminister

Karissa Cumming- Viennese


Fort Henry Skating Club Test Day- March 13,2016

Lily Dingman- Rocker

Karisah Johnston- Junior Silver Skills

Angelia Pan- Junior Bronze Elements, Junior Bronze Freeskate


Bowmanville Skating Club Test Day- March 10,2016

Wesley Lockwood- Paso, Blues


Loyalist Skating Club Test Day- March 8,2016

Anne St.Aubin- Junior Bronze Elements



Trenton/Prince Edward Test Day- March 6,2016

Victoria Lui- Senior Silver Skills, Quickstep

Angelia Pan- Junior Silver Skills, Harris

Jessica Lui- Viennese, Argentine, Silver Samba

Rebecca Jansen- Westminister, Argentine

Clara Snyder- Starlight

Emma Hamilton- Keates

Karisah Johnston- Harris, American

Kylie Richardson- American, Rocker


Skate Kingston Test Day- March 6,2016

Reanna Mulville- Dutch Waltz

Anne-Laurie Levesque- Canasta, Baby Blues

Emily Meers- Canasta, Baby Blues

Abby Huffman- Canasta

Emma Contois- Canasta, Baby Blues

Claire Meers- Baby Blues

Kasia Kakrzewski- Baby Blues

Emma Macdonald- Swing

Chloe Dingman- Swing

Darcie Mulville- Swing, Preliminary Skills

Abbey Pennock- Willow, Preliminary Skills

Rebecca Frawley- Willow

Janelle Johnston- Willow

Sabrina Pan- Willow, Preliminary Skills

Olivia Milton- Tenfox, Fourteenstep, Preliminary Elements, Preliminary Freeskate

Emma Aitken- Tenfox

Sanjana Sinha- Tenfox, Preliminary Elements

Astrid Zou- Tenfox, Fourteenstep, Preliminary Elements, Preliminary Freeskate, Junior Bronze Skills

Andy Chen- Tenfox,  Fourteenstep, Senior Bronze Skills

Charlie Vandervliet-  Tenfox, Bronze Creative

Jessie Ball- Preliminary Elements, Preliminary Freeskate

Ellie Michaud- Junior Bronze Freeskate

Caitlan Parks- Junior Bronze Elements, Senior Bronze Skills

Emily Wemp- Preliminary Skills

Sarah Ryan- Junior Bronze Skills

Tina Chen- Junior Bronze Skills

Kylie Richardson- Senior Bronze Skills

Emma Hamilton- Senior Bronze Skills

Fort Henry Skating Club test Day- October 31,2015

Angelia Pan- Keates, Rocker

Ellie Michaud- Keates

Leah Bennett- American

Rebecca Jansen- Paso

Clara Snyder- Paso

Donna Gao- Blues, Starlight, Senior Silver Skills

Victoria Lui- Blues

Jessica Lui- Blues, Senior Silver Skills

Karissa Cumming- Quickstep, Silver Interpretive, Gold Skills


Skate Kingston Test Day- October 24,2015

Emily Wemp- Swing

Sabrina Pan- Fiesta

Andy Chen- Fiesta

Charlie Vandervliet- Willow

Emma Aitken- Willow

Abby Fraser- Willow, Junior Bronze Skills

Sanjana Sinha- Willow

Ellie Michaud- Senior Bronze Skills

Janelle Johnston- Dutch Waltz, Canasta, Baby Blues

Charley Weir- Canasta, Baby Blues

Emily Rychlo- Baby Blues

Jessie Ball- Baby Blues

Gabrielle Letourneau- Preliminary Elements, Preliminary Freeskate

Ruby Spencer- Preliminary Elements, Preliminary Freeskate, Junior Bronze Skills

Andy Chen- Preliminary Elements

Tina Chen- TenFox

Kylie Richardson- European




Fort Henry Heights Skating Club Test day- August 27, 2015

Claire Meers- Dutch Waltz

Judy Gan- Baby Blues

Sabrina Pan- Baby Blues

Andy Chen- Swing

Emma Aitken- Preliminary Freeskate, Fiesta

Rebecca Frawley- Preliminary Skills

Kylie Richardson- Junior Bronze Skills

Emma Hamilton- Junior Bronze Skills

Angelia Pan- Senior Bronze Skills

Leah Bennett- Bronze Interpretive

Donna Gao- Senior Bronze Freeskate

Karissa Cumming- Blues, Bronze Interpretive



Skate Kingston Combined Test Day- Saturday May 23,2015

Judy Gan- Dutch Waltz, Canasta

Sabrina Pan- Dutch Waltz, Canasta

Jessie Ball- Canasta

Thomas Babcock- Canasta

Abbey Pennock- Canasta, Baby Blues

Emily Rychlo- Canasta

Emily Wemp- Canasta, Baby Blues

Lucy Zhang- Canasta, Baby Blues

Andrea Wang- Canasta, Baby Blues

Andy Chen- Baby Blues

Darcie Mulville- Baby Blues

Olivia Milton- Swing

Emma Aitken- Swing, Preliminary Elements

Abby Fraser- Swing, Fiesta

Sanjana Sinha- Swing

Charlie Vandervliet- Swing

Emma MacDonald- Fiesta

Rebecca Frawley- Swing, Fiesta

Madison Julien- Preliminary Skills

Caitlan Parks- TenFox, Preliminary Freeskate, Junior Bronze Skills

Ruby Spencer- TenFox, Fourteenstep

Kylie Richardson- TenFox, Fourteenstep

Emma Hamilton- Ten Fox, Fourteenstep

Ellie Michaud- European

Angelia Pan- European

Tina Chen- European

Anne St.Aubin- Junior Bronze Skills

Cassidy Ross- Keates

Karisah Johnston- Junior Bronze Freeskate, Junior Bronze Elements, Senior Bronze skills, Keates

Lily Dingman- Junior Bronze Freeskate, Senior Bronze Skills, Keates

Leah Bennett- Harris

Jessica Lui- Senior Bronze Freeskate, Paso, Starlight

Victoria Lui- Senior Bronze Freeskate, Paso, Killian

Karissa Cumming- Senior Bronze Freeskate, Introductory Interpretive, Paso, Starlight

Donna Gao- Junior Silver Skills, Paso, Killian

Taylor Marshall- Silver Interpretive, Gold Interpretive

Shen Malloy- Silver Interpretive, Gold Interpretive

Sarah  Denford- Vienesse


Loyalist Winter Club Test Day- Tuesday March 10, 2015

Emily Liscunb- Dutch Waltz

Emily Rychlo- Dutch Waltz

Sanjana Sinha- Fiesta

Gabrielle Letourneau- TenFox, European

Anne St.Aubin- TenFox, Fourteenstep


Skate Kingston Low Test Day March 7, 2015

Emily Wemp- Dutch Waltz

Lucy Zhang- Dutch Waltz

Andrea Wang- Dutch Waltz

Jessie Ball- Dutch Waltz

Abby Fraser- Preliminary Skills

Andy Chen- Preliminary Skills, Canasta

Darcie Mulville- Canasta

Violet Cormier- Baby Blues

Emma Sun- Preliminary Skills, Fiesta

Olivia Milton- Preliminary Skills, Fiesta

Caylin Turner- TenFox

Charlie Vandervliet- Preliminary Freeskate, Preliminary Elements, Preliminary Skills

Karisah Johnston- Preliminary Freeskate, Preliminary Elements, Bronze Creative Dance

Angelia Pan- Preliminary Freeskate, Junior Bronze Skills, TenFox, Fourteenstep

Tina Chen- Preliminary Freeskate, Fourteenstep

Leah Bennett- Junior Bronze Freeskate


Westport Skating Club Sunday March 8, 2015

Sanjana Sinha- Preliminary Skills

Abby Ross- Rocker

Kylie Richardson- Preliminary Freeskate, Preliminary Elements

Emma Hamilton- Preliminary Freeskate, Preliminary Elements

Ellie Michaud- Preliminary Freeskate

Cassidy Ross- Junior Bronze Freeskate, Junior Bronze Elements

Michaela McGrath- Junior silver Elements

Jessica Lui- Junior Silver Skills, Harris, Killian

Karissa Cumming- Senior Silver Skills, Killian

Donna Gao- Harris

Sarah Denford- Quickstep, Silver Samba

Shen Molloy- Introductory Interpretive, Bronze Intrepretive