In additon to paid positions including: professional coaches, the CanSkate/STARSkate Coordinators and the Administrative Staff volunteerism is a key part of Skate Kingston’s success!

Volunteers are required at all levels of Skate Kingston’s operation.

Together, we can make a difference, a postiive impact on the club and experience for our skaters.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Test Day
  • Club Competition
  • Ice Show
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Plus…many more!

We greatly appreciate your commitment to volutneerism.

If interested please contact Tracey Mailloux  , Volunteer Coordinator tracey.nabil@sympatico.ca
Board of Directors
If interested in volunteering your talents to further evolve our dynamic club and make a difference for our skaters please contact a current Board member.

Thank you for your interest!