Ice Etiquette

Fall-Winter Season 2019-2020                                        

Ice Etiquette for STARSkaters and Coaches



Right of Way on the Ice:

  • Skaters in a lesson and having music played have priority.
  • Coaches should coach from the boards unless they are skating. (Please ensure any discussions are done at boardside)
  • Cross-discipline coaching is permitted as all sessions are open. (unless grouped structured sessions).
  • Courtesy and good sportsmanship to coaches and fellow skaters are expected at all times.  If you get in another skaters way please be polite and apologize.
  • If a coach has concerns with the conduct of another coach’s skater, the concern should be discussed between the two coaches, unless deemed an immediate safety issue. 
  • If you fall, get up immediately.
  • Skaters and coaches must watch out for those using the harness.

Harness Use: (If session is on the Kingston Transit)

  • All coaches that have been trained to use the harness have access to the combination in the SK Music Room.
  • See the SK Director of Skating Programs for training if required.  Coaches please operate the harness parallel to the board side for ice safety.

Free Skate:

  • Skaters are invited to bring their solo music with them to the ice surface if not on the tablet.  Please leave your music in the time keeper bench area.  Ice door located at rink centre under the windows of the rink.
  • Skaters must watch for skaters in a lesson or skating their solo music.
  • Spins are to be practiced in the centre of the rink.
  • Jumps are to be practiced in the corners and length of the rink.
  • Please remember to pick up your music at the end of the session from board side or the basket at the corner door of music room ice door.

Music Request:

  • Each coach is entitled to one request per lesson.  If there are no other requests (from skaters or coaches) additional requests are permitted.
  • Skaters will have their music played in order of request. A sign-up sheet is available at board side to sign up for your music request. Only coach or skater playing their music may remove it from the request list.
  • If time permits skaters may have their music more than once.
  • Skaters and Coaches – please be courteous and start the next solo when your solo has finished.

Other General Issues:

  • No food, gum chewing or drinks are allowed on the ice.  Water is allowed.
  • Put garbage (including Kleenex) in the containers provided.
  • If socializing is disruptive to the session, you may be asked to leave the ice.
  • Skaters are NOT permitted to use personal electronic devices (cell phones, iPods & MP3 players) while skating on SK ice. Coaches can use these devices for teaching purposes only.  If a coach is observed using these devices for purposes other than teaching their privileges to use them on the ice will be revoked.
  • Must use change rooms to get dressed. It is City Policy to not use the main lobby or hallways for getting skates on.                                                                                                                                                       


Problems or concerns on the STARSkate ice should be discussed with SK Director(s) of Skating immediately. 


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