Off Ice Training

What is off-ice training?

draft_lens17474571module161931891photo_1348365157_a_a_aFigure skating is a sport that requires significant strength, flexibility and balance. Off-ice training is a fitness class – done OFF the ice – designed for the figure skater to optimize their potential ON the ice. The training focuses on building muscle, stability and endurance, in order to optimize jumping, spinning and dancing on ice. There is also an emphasis on stretching to help with flexibility and prevention of injuries. Off-ice training can benefit figure skaters of any level by  helping them to achieve their best.
images Yoga, Pilates and ballet can all improve flexibility and balance very important qualities for a skater –  by working on your posture and provide a lot of stretching. Ballet would also develop your grace and musical rhythm. Aerobic exercises and jogging are examples of how to improve yourendurance and agility. Properly instructed weight-lifting (if you are old enough) and exercises that use your own body for resistance (like the plank, wall squats, etc.) are great for strength trainingwhich builds your muscle mass. Your core strength – from your back and abdominal muscles – is crucial to maintain balance, tight jumps, well-controlled spin rotations and upper body position during stroking, footwork and crossovers. Off-ice training can incorporate all of these components.


We STRONGLY encourage all our STARskate skaters to do at least one off-ice class per week to enhance their strength, balance, endurance and flexibility.
Join us for your off-ice training and strive to be the best skater you can possibly be!