Our Coaches

Our coaches profile page lists Skate Kingston affiliated coaches, their certification and experience as a courtesy to both the coaches and our skaters’ parents. The information is provided by the coaches and any errors or omissions are not the responsibility of Skate Kingston. All coaches are independent contractors and not employees of Skate Kingston. We neither endorse or make any coach suggestions, listing is alphabetical. Skate Kingston encourages skaters’ parents to reach out to coaches directly for further information and rates. This page should be strictly used as only a part of any coach selection and for contact information.



National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP): Coaching Association of Canada

Coaches Code of Ethics: Code of Ethics

This list of Skate Kingston accredited professional coaches is arranged in alphabetical order. These coaches have had their coaching privileges renewed for the 2021-2022 skating season.




Alisha Anderson

Coaching since 2006
Regional Coach
Programs: CanSkate, STARSkate




Kathy Bateman


Coaching since 2018

Club Coach



Nancy Brennan

Coaching since 1969
National Coach
CEP Status: Gold
Programs:  STARSkate, Competitive, Varsity, Power Skating



Ashleigh Bryan
Coaching since 2018
Club Coach 
Programs: CanSkate, Special Olympics




Cailee Crotty

Coaching since 2014
Regional Coach 

Programs: CanSkate, STARSkate




Natalie Henderson

Coaching since 2004
Regional Coach
Programs: CanSkate, STARSkate



Lisa Janssen

Coaching since 1995
NCCP PS Certified, ISPC Theory and Technical Trained
Programs: Special Olympics Competition Coach at Provincial, National and International Levels




Sylvie Kendell 

Coaching 1991-1995, and since 2016
Provincial Coach In Training, Regional Certified, CanSkate Certified,
Power Skating Coach Certified.
Programs: STARSkate, CanSkate, CanPowerSkate
Fully bilingual



June Lang

Coaching since 1980

Regional Coach
Programs: CanSkate, Adult skate


Colleen Carlisle Lockwood
Coaching since 1989
NCCP National Coach Certified Singles, National Coach Dance & National Coach Synchro
Programs: STARSkate, Competitive

Trina Dysktra-MacPherson

Coaching since 2017
Regional Coach Certified
Provincial Coach In-Training
Programs: CanSkate and StarSkate





Jessie Mercer


Coaching since 2015
Regional Coach Certified
Programs: CanSkate, STARSkate


Kim O’Donohue
Coaching Since: 1997-1998 in Oshawa; 2018 to present in Kingston
Regional Coach
Programs: Canskate, Starskate


Maddie Oster, Coaches Representative  

Coaching since 2017
Regional Coach Certified
CanSkate and StarSkate 






Tonya Van De Ven,  Director of  CanSkate 



Coaching since 2017
Regional Coach Certified

Programs: CanSkate, STARSkate, Synchronized Skating




Hilary Whitall

Regional Coach
Programs: CanSkate, STARSkate, SynchroSkate





Jenna Willoughby

Coaching since 2011

Regional coach
CEP Status: Gold

Programs: CanSkate, STARSkate



Alex Wright
Coaching since 2017
Provincial Coach in Training

Skate Canada Technical Official

Programs: STARSkate, CanSkate, off-ice training
CEP Status: Gold
For addition background information about Alex, please see her Instagram page